The Council of Imams – Werribee Islamic Centre

Sheikh Isse Muse
Sheikh Isse Muse- Chief Imam
Sheikh Muhammad Nawas
Sheikh Muhammad Nawas

Trustees of Werribee Islamic Centre

Sheikh Ajwad Hashim
Sheikh Ajwad Hashim
Mr. Mohammad Saeed
Mr. Mohammad Saeed

Board of Directors/ Exco Members, Werribee Islamic Centre

Mr. Rifai Abdul Raheem
Mr. Rifai Abdul Raheem - President & Director
Mr. Afzal Kader
Mr. Afzal Kader - Secretary & Director
Mr. Abdul Shakoor
Mr. Abdul Shakoor- Treasurer & Director
Dr. Ahmed Hasan
Dr. Ahmed Hasan - Vice President & Director
Mr. Mohamed Masood
Mr. Mohamed Masood Director
Mr. Imran Khan Mohammad
Mr. Imran Khan Mohammad - Director
Mr. Abdulmalik Ahmed
Mr. Abdulmalik Ahmed- Director
Mr. Md Iqbal Munsi
Mr. Md Iqbal Munsi - Director